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Friday, May 21, 2010

What a feeling!

Finally, after 2 months I found the courage to stand on the scale this morning - not an easy task! I've been on a new gym & eating plan since 1 April, and have been trying hard to stick to it. It's not one specific diet or workout program, I've talked to trainers and done online research and stuck to what I'm comfortable with.

Basically, for the diet part: I've cut out sugar, white breads, a lot of pasta and stuck to low fat dairy, lots of fruit and veg, chicken, salads and soups. I do sneak in the odd brownie or glass of wine here and there, but stay far away from things that I used to really munch on, like popcorn at the movies, any kind of slap chips and cool-drinks (including flavoured water). Yesterday, I decided to try and cut out the low GI bread I normally have for lunch and snacked on a few almonds, yoghurt, provitas and a banana throughout the day. Thought I'd be starving, but I actually felt great!

For the excersise part, there I was going to gym on average four times a week for about an hour, thinking the kilos were just going to fly off. Haha, not so. I spoke to 3 trainers at the gym asking them what I can do to lose weight, but what they told me didn't help. One day, earlier this month I was on the treadmill and this woman who I see at the gym every day started chatting to me. She told me to try to increase my gradient by 1 or 2 every day and increase my speed. Wow, what a difference! I can't believe how much more I'm doing now just by those few words of encouragement, and not by a "trainer" talking absolute nonsense. I can feel I'm a bit fitter and can now keep up with the 10 year old tomboy I look after (who insist on us playing hockey, tennis and soccer in free time), and am confident enough to start hip hop classes again - I cannot wait! :)

The moment of dread arrived this morning, and as I expecting to have gained weight, I didn't get my hopes up at all. That's why I was so shocked to see that I'd lost just over 2kgs in the last month and a bit! YAY! Awesome start to the day and the weekend! Now I don't feel so guilty about sampling some of the brownies and chocolate truffles for the new gift favour range tomorrow ;)

Just keeping it all in perspective...

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