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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Massimo's Pizza

The highlight of this week was knowing that after 6 days of working furiously, we'd be able to sit back and relax with the best pizza in town. No, I'm not talking about Scooters, Debonairs, St. Elmo's or Butlers Pizza - I'm talking about REAL Italian pizza. The kind of pizza that makes you want to carry on eating even when your stomach's telling you it's had enough and is about to explode. The kind of pizza that makes you drive all the way from Durbanville to Hout Bay, just for the pizza.

If you haven't already heard of Massimo's Pizza Club, I suggest you make a plan and get there this month. They're situated on the outskirts of Hout Bay, in a cozy little corner restaurant that offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, a fireplace and the best pizza money can buy.

We arrived around 7.30pm last night, welcomed in from the cold by Tracy, and led to a small table right opposite the fireplace. From our table we could see the pizza oven and smell the delicious aroma's of garlic, pesto and roasted peppers that filled the air. Soft Italian music filtered across the restaurant, but the most distinct sound was that of pure laughter and happy chatter amongst the families and couples who were enjoying their food and each other's company.

Choosing your pizza is no easy task, the list of choices are endless and each pizza on the menu sounds even more mouth watering than the one before. They also have daily specials that are put up on a board that leave you even more confused! Luckily, if you're as indecisive as me and want two or three different pizza toppings but only want one pizza, they offer this option as well. I ended up having a duo pizza with half pesto and baby tomatoes on one side, and on the other half,  sweet roasted peppers with feta, garlic and basalmic vinegar. It was so good that we ordered another pizza to take home which we promptly finished for breakfast the next morning. :)

We ended off our meal with two Italian liqueurs: Limoncello, an Italian after dinner drink, made by Massimo with local organic lemons, and the Bicerin - a traditional Torinese chocolate liqueur. If that wasn't enough, our waiter brought us a large jar filled with sugar cubes drenched in the same alcohol. He took out each cube, placed them on a spoon and lit them with a lighter. After the flame had caramelized the sugar cube, we blew it out and ate it just like that. Wow, what an experience! Great way to end off the evening.

I highly recommend taking a late afternoon drive to Hout Bay, and after a sunset walk along the harbour visiting this fantastic restaurant. They are open Wednesday to Sunday from 6pm, but will be closed from the end of May to early September as they will be opening at new premises in Hout Bay.

Massimo's Pizza Club @ Scarecrows, Oakhurst Farm Park
Main Road, Hout Bay, Cape Town
Contact Massimo and Tracy
Call 073 3901373 or 021 7907906, or sms PIZZA to 073 3901373 and we will call you back


  1. can't wait until they in the new place! missing the pizza already!
    i told Mel this morning we should have ordered 2 pizzas for the breakfast!