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Friday, May 7, 2010

The things we take for granted

Friday is finally here! What a week! To say Geoff and I had car troubles this week is a mild understatement. For some reason, both our Golfs decided to play up this week, each had their turn one day after the other to decide to (a) not start at all, (b) stall in the middle of a busy intersection, (c) pretend to work the night before and then not start again the next morning. Lovely. Especially when you have to pick up kids and take them to school, have a corporate company depending on you to deliver their food, have your own company's work to do, and a whole afternoon of carting kids around for extra murals. Not ideal at all. Long story short, my car is back today from a full service *big sigh of relief*, and it's made me realise a couple of things that I sometimes take for granted, but that I am SO grateful for!

1. My family. I can depend on them for anything. They are my support system and will they love me no matter what. Just knowing that in the middle of a really crappy day (like today), I can just drop in unannounced, have a cup of tea and a chat with my Mom, and feel a whole lot better by the time I leave makes everything seem ok.

2. My husband. This week really made me realise how amazing this man is. He literally dropped everything to come and help me with  my car when I was in an absolute panic. He's calm and patient; two qualities I sometimes lack in certain situations where this is really called for. There's just not enough space to type about how grateful I am to have him in my life :)

3. My health. How often are we really grateful that we have all our limbs, that we can see and hear and smell? That we can eat normally, run, sing, laugh and dance? I may not look like Cindy Crawford, I may be short, I may not be as tanned as I'd like - but I think I got a pretty good deal. I have my health, and I'm grateful for it!

4. My home. What's better than coming home at the end of a really long day to a place that's comfortable, safe and loving? Our house is small, we don't have a pool or a guest bedroom or a proper dining table yet - but it's our place to come home to, and that's what counts.

5. My pets. I can't imagine living without having a cat or a dog in the house. Growing up, we always had both. We now have two cats who love the freedom they have in the small garden. I really hope they're lapping it up, before we move to a place a bit bigger someday and can get a dog or two to join the family ;)

6. My car. This week has really made me appreciate having wheels. I forgot what it feels like to have to rely on someone for a lift, or not be able to get out and about to do the simple, everyday things that need to get done.

7. My friends. This past year has really allowed me to find out who my true friends are. I may say this a lot, but certain situations really do show people's true colours. I've found friendships in people who I thought would just be casual acquaintances, and I've lost friendships of people who I thought were my friends, but who lost interest or let me down when I really needed them. Real friends are those who stick by you through the good AND the bad times.

8. Who I am. I may be a bit reserved at times, and not quite the social butterfly at the party, but at least I know who I am and what I want. I made the decision to start my own business a while ago and went for it last year. It's tough and it's not as easy as I thought it would be. Some days I really just want to throw in the towel and call it quits, but then I remember - this is my dream, it's what I want to do and I WILL make it happen. I'm so grateful that I'm not one of those people who goes mindlessly to a job that they hate, complain and come home miserable. I'm glad I have the dreams and the will to follow them through.

I'm also grateful for coffee, the internet, the comfortable chair I'm sitting on, the sun shining through the window right now, a fridge with food in it, a TV, a proper bed, clean water, electricity and all the other normal things we (I) usually take for granted everyday.

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