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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The time is now!

I think when you start to feel that your clothes are a little tighter than usual, you no longer need to wear your cool belt and your sister-in-law starts referring to you as "vettie" - it's REALLY time to look in the mirror! I've never had an issue with my weight - till now. I was 49kgs in Matric, and very happy as I had a good excuse to not donate blood (you had to be 50kgs or over, and I was terrified of something pumping through my arm!). Almost 10 years later, and 10kgs later...a big NO NO!  It's not that I stuffed my face with cakes and what not, but working in an office job that I hated, and having little time for anything else really did a number on me. So here I am, with this goal. From today, 1 April 2010 I have 5 months to lose 7kg's....just in time for Spring. My inspiration...Shape Magazine SA.

I got sick of reading magazine's like Cosmopolitan, that made you feel not so great, and like you couldn't afford to buy half the things they put in there. No, Shape is all about promoting  a HEALTHIER and HAPPIER you! They have so many positive and inspirational stories of real life women, excersises that you can do at home, low fat recipes, and so much more! I recommend giving this magazine a try for a month, in fact - I'm trying their gym treadmill and bike programme today..looks a bit more intense than what I normally do, but sometimes you just need that extra push! Here we turning back now that I've put this in writing for all to see! ;P

"There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness." - Lady Marguerite Blessington

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