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Friday, January 8, 2010

Shopping Online vs Malls

I had the pleasure of visiting many a shopping malls over the festive season, and have come to a simple conclusion: SHOP ONLINE!

Why? The list is endless, but here's my two cents.

My job ensures that I spend at least half my day flying in and out of retail shops, factory outlets and malls so I thought I'd share with you what I've discovered...

1. No getting up super early to find good parking.
2. Not having to avoid the really annoying makeup, perfume and any other promoters.
3. No people bumping into you with their bags, trolleys or huge baby prams.
4. No feeling bad for not having change to pay the friendly person who needs a donation.
5. No feeling bad for not being able to give change to the blind guy with the dog.
6. No people randomly stopping in mid aisle to having a fat chat with a long lost friend.
7. No rude cashiers whose faces would crack if they attempted a smile.
8. No sales people harrasing you the minute you enter their store.
9. No wondering around aimlessly without a sales person in sight to assist you.
10. No standing in long queues.
11. No listening to staff scream and shout at each other.
12. No hearing customers getting uppity because their favourite item is sold out.
13. No having to listen to kids throwing tantrums while their mothers ignore them.
14. No fighting over a much needed last item with another customer.
15. No having to listen to strange store music (which isn't bad half the time).
16. No appologising to the parking attendant when you really don't carry change.
17. No driving home hot, exhausted and in a bad mood from all of the above.
18. Lastly, no having to put on makeup, do hair or change out of PJ's!

1. You can't touch or smell a product.

Online Shopping vs Malls - 18 to 1. What more can I say, other than I cannot wait till inventors come up with something for that last con, so that I never have to set foot in a mall again! ;)

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