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Monday, January 4, 2010

The beginning

This is it. My very first blog entry, so welcome! Thanks for taking the time to read it, and I promise to keep it as short and sweet as possible.

If you didn't already know, Social networks have grown BIG in the last couple of years. If you're not on Facebook or Twitter, people start to wonder what's wrong with you. If you have a business and you're not on one of these networks, you're in for some huge competition - because this is we're are all headed. Now it looks like the next big thing is blogging. So here I am, my first New Years resolution crossed off the list - what a relief!

It's a little intimidating trying to come up with something interesting as a first blog, but I've settled for a very quick introduction of who I am and what my blogs are going to be about.

Short and sweet. That almost sums me up....almost. Most people don't see the other side, which usually works quite well for me in some situations. Creative, dreamer, animal lover, romantic, impatient, persistent and impulsive. These are just a few words that describe me. I've worked in the Admin & Accounts fields in a variety of positions, for close to 7 years trying to work my way up to that perfect job. A job that combined both creativity and administration with room for growth - but sadly that never happened. In January 2009 I decided I wanted more, I needed more - not only for me but for the sake of my family and friends aswell. It's no picnic for anyone close to you when you're in a job that stresses you out all the time, or that you don't particularly enjoy. It was a "now or never" moment, and time to take that leap of faith and start my own creative business - a huge risk and something alot of people would consider out of character for me, but if you don't know me - that's what I do! Here's some of what you can expect from my upcomming blogs:

* Small business and social media tips, advice and trends doing the rounds.
* Latest movies and series, and the odd bit of Hollywood.(I'm a bit of a TV junkie).
* Travel, dancing and food - good places and news of interest.
* Shopping and service - this is part of my job, I spot deals, new products and places to try or avoid.
* And any other general topic of interest

And, that's it. Blog #1 finished, done, finnito! Short and sweet.


  1. Way to go Melanie! Looking forward to watching you nurture and grow this! Well done for taking the plunge. You will find tons of blogging tips and tricks here:

  2. Thanks Peter! Will keep this info in mind for the next one and future blogs. :)