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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Virgin Active - Back to Basics

After three years, I'm finally back at Virgin Active. Very strange to be a member of a mixed club again, before joining VA,  I was part of Zone Fitness for Women in Tygervalley (and then we moved...), and Curves - also for women in Stellenbosch (who decided to move..)

Being back at a large gym definently has it's advantages (and it's disadvantages...)

  • I can keep a proper record of my weight, body fat % and blood pressure
  • There are more than five treadmills available
  • They offer a large variety of group exercise classes, including hip hop, funk dance & zumba
  • There's a steam room and a pool (not that I'll be doing any swimming...)
  • Kauai!

    • It's noisy during peak times and hard to listen to music you've brought - even at full volume
    • Lot's of sweaty people :/
    • Getting used to the few who are only there for the sake of ogling the other sex

    All in all, I'm really happy to be back and excited to get back into shape for summer and bikini ready! Three months and counting..


    1. sweaty people does it for me, but ummmmmmmm people there to ogle I have been known to do that lol. Good luck chica!!!!!!

    2. Haha...I can just imagine you doing that!!!