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Monday, September 20, 2010

Saying Goodbye..

How does one say goodbye to a company that you built up from scratch, one that you followed with your heart and soul, and pursued your dreams against all odds to create?

It has been an incredible journey, one that's taught me to challenge myself in ways I never dreamed possible.
I never thought I would have it in me to create a company and to push the boundaries every single day. I won't lie, it was definitely not a bed of roses each day and a constant uphill challenge. It's no joke when business owners tell you how tough it is in the beginning, because it is! We've been through our share of blood, sweat and tears, but there have been far many more rewards and personal achievements gained that everything else seems to fade in comparison.

This company was my dream, it became a part of my heart and soul and I will treasure it forever. The reason for closing down the company is purely for circumstances beyond my control, and I would have loved to have seen this grow into one of the best gift and design companies in South Africa. I don't regret anything, and I would gladly do it all again.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge the following people who contributed in some way towards Chisani Creations. Words don't nearly describe what some of you mean to me and what you've done, but I thought I'd try and get it said anyway :)

  • My husband. My pillar of strength, never ending supporter, partner and amazing website developer. Without you, this would never have been possible. Thank you for allowing me to follow my dream and supporting me every step of the way!
  • Mom, Dad, Matt and Gran. My family, who never once doubted or questioned what I was doing but supported me through thick and thin - the good days and the bad ones.
  • My amazing friends - Amanda, Justin, Samantha, Catherine and Jacqui who went above and beyond with their moral support, enthusiasm and belief in what I was doing. 
  • Some people I've met along the way or had the pleasure of doing business with - Kelvin Maree, Samantha at Citi Sprint, Nicola at Sparkling Bride, Diana at Styled Events, Ernestene at Jetline Tygervalley, Peter du Toit and Lisa Breedt of Social Media IQ, Drikus Le Roux, the Merry Pak team and Catharina from Catharina's Cake Boutique. You've all been so inspirational to me, and provided top class service - thank you so much!

Even though this venture was very close to my heart and hard to say goodbye to, I don't regret any of it for a second and believe I was meant to do this for a reason and that there is always a purpose for everything. I look forward to new ventures and challenges ahead, and will take what I've learnt with me.

Yours in gifts one last time,
Melanie Chisnall
of Chisani Creations

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  1. Mel, we will miss Chisani. But we still have you - that's pretty awesome :) I hope your new adventures bring you half as much joy [how cool would that be!], and no stress.