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Monday, September 6, 2010

Penny Pinching

Seems like it's hit us again - I'm not complaining, we've been blessed and we've been in a nice little comfort zone for a while now, so it was just a matter of time before we had to start pinching the pennies again :P But, we've done it before and we'll do it again! Not so bad actually, kind of humbles you....

I get so annoyed with people who claim to be flat "broke" towards month end, yet they still have R1000 - R2000 left each month. I'm sorry, but that in my books does not classify you as broke. Broke is when you have to squeeze the very last drop of shampoo out of the bottle, when supper is two minute noodles or spaghetti and some cheap sauce, when there is literally no money for toilet paper (and being too proud to ask for money you 'borrow' a little from work or the malls...hey, it happens!), and lastly - being broke is when you literally do not have ANY money to go out with friends to have a drink or coffee, or even to have a braai because who wants to have a toasted samie on the braai when everyone else is having nice steaks, chops and wors?!

We've recently started eating very healthy at home, which is great. Lots of fresh veg and fruit which I try to really stretch out, and loads of chicken and tuna. A lot of people actually think that eating healthy is more expensive than unhealthy eating (pies, heavy meals, burgers, etc.), but that's not really true. Going to the shops earlier, I realised that there are ways you can save money when buying food and eating healthy. You don't need the cherry tomatoes - rather get the whole ones, I don't eat bread anymore, rather buy a pack of Rye Vita and have that for lunch - lasts much longer and I don't throw half a loaf of bread away each week. Ready made meals are a thing of the past, I'm trying to get into the habit of cooking on the weekends and then freezing meals in separate containers to just heat up during the week. Breakfast is Kelloggs Special K which I really enjoy, Geoff likes his Pronutro. Snacks are provitas, yoghurt and fruit throughout the day. Our 'treat' for the week is a bottle of wine, and some chocolate wafer biscuits. I've learnt that you can't completely cut out all sweets because once that craving hits, and you're in a shop filled with milktarts and're in a bit of trouble! :P

This is just a warning to all our friends if we may seem a bit scarce, the next couple of weeks or months (hopefully not that long!) we're going to have to just settle for coffee at home or something along those lines. I did work out one takeaway/meal out a month - but we'll have to see. We still have a lot more than most people, so I'm's to a humble next couple of weeks!

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