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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Goodbye Shades of Grey

I've always loved writing, since I was in High School writing poems and short stories - writing has been my place to express feelings, dreams, disappointments, anger, sadness and joy. It's been my creative outlet.  I started this blog space 2 years ago and have enjoyed every minute of filling it with topics that I've found interesting and inspirational, as well as with things that really moved me on an emotional level.

I've received some positive feedback over the last year or two on my writing, and although I realise that I may have a way to go and much to learn in the writing field, I know that this is something I'm truly passionate about, and it's the reason I've decided to take it further. (Don't worry, I'm not quitting my day job...yet!)

It's been amazing writing for "Shades of Grey", and I will look back fondly on it from time to time. I'll be updating Facebook and Twitter soon with news of my next writing project.

Till then, ciao ciao!

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