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Monday, January 2, 2012

The Dreamer vs the Realist

The Dreamer
A person who represents things as they might or should be rather than as they are 

The  Realist
A person who tends to view or represent things as they really are
Geoff and I are complete opposites when it comes to the way we view certain things. He's the eternal realist, and I'm the 'head in the clouds' dreamer. This causes quite a few interesting 'conversations' and although I often wish that he too was a dreamer in our relationship, I have to admit that having two dreamers would be very dangerous (and expensive), while having two realists would be extremely boring. So, I guess we balance each other out in a way but it still creates alot of unnessesary arguments. Here's a perfect example!

Me: "Can't we go away for a weekend soon? We haven't been away in almost 5 years!"
Geoff: "Let's first see how things go"
Me: "Look at these nice guesthouses..."
Geoff: "Love, we can't afford it right now"
Me: "But can't we just have a look and see what's out there and plan to go later in the year?"
Geoff: "What's the point of getting excited about something if we don't know it's going to happen?"
Bubble burst and that's normally the point where the argument starts. He can't understand my point of view of wanting to get excited about a trip and plan, and I can't understand his black and white facts.

I'm sure there are many couples out there who have similar conversations. My question is, how do you get around this and compromise? A dreamer doesn't want to see the cold hard facts, and a realist doesn't want to day dream about something that 'might' happen.

While browsing on this interesting topic, I came across compatibility signs. I don't fully agree or believe everything written on star signs, but it is pretty interesting reading about the Capricorn (Geoff) and Saggattarius (Me) compatibility. Here's what I came across:

Capricorn sign compatibility with Sagittarius

Sagittarius and Capricorn. Very different and still very similar! This is a difficult couple, indeed. Let's say you are complementary, but only to give you some hope.  (That's a good start...)

One of the main problems is that of the planets governing you: Capricorn is governed by Saturn and Sagittarius is governed by Jupiter. Sagittarius is optimistic and friendly, while you, dear Capricorn, are strict and realistic. Consequently, (s)he will reproach you with your pessimism. (Interesting...)

Don't hope that your beloved Sagittarius will ever understand the expression "to save up for a rainy day". As far as you are concerned, his/her joyfulness and spirit of adventure can make you classify him/her as "irresponsible". (Correct!)

Physically, Sagittarius likes practicing, that's why (s)he may be very skilful and (s)he may laugh in your face, making jokes about how... clumsy you are! This will make you mad and determine you to do only what you want to - or you won't feel like doing anything anymore unless you are advised by your partner. (That sounds a bit mean, I don't think I tell Geoff how clumsy he is..)

Anyway, Sagittarius's direct approach is quite the opposite of your diplomacy. You might often feel angry and humiliated. (No beating around the bush I'm afraid, often it's a case of sock in mouth..)

Your Sagittarius is a philosopher, a theoretician, while you, dear Capricorn, are a pragmatic, a realistic person, that's why you want to take advantage of the material benefits. (That explains the need for a new TV...)

Sagittarius's humour, his/her funny philosophy on life can make you laugh. Moreover, you will be fascinated by the way (s)he watches and comments the TV commercials, which feeds his/her need of mental exercise.

Sagittarius' thinking can be symbolical, and you find this way of presenting ideas very interesting and... that's it. If you are interested in esotericism, you could have something in common.

A Capricorn-Sagittarius couple has 50% chances. Sometimes it can be very difficult, but not impossible. It is entirely up to you whether you succeed or not! (Good to know..thanks!)


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