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Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011: NYR - Blank canvas

I always find that the best part about starting a new year, is writing down a list of New Year's Resolutions. Looking back at last year, I can't believe how much happened and how much changed. 
2011 is like a blank canvas that's just waiting to have some paint thrown all over it...

          Looking back at 2010....
  • Jan -Fresh start and positive outlook on home business
  • Feb - Geoff's company was retrenching, starting looking for a 1/2 day job
  • March - Took a position as Au Pair in the afternoons
  • April - Weighed the most in my whole life and decided it was time for drastic measures!
  • May - Helped out at a Catering company in the mornings
  • June - Had lost 2.5kg
  • July - Started debating as to whether to continue with my home business
  • Aug - Decided to let go of my home business
  • Sept - Closed Chisani Creations
  •           Lost another 2.5kg
  • Oct - Offered a position in Stellenbosch and resigned as Au Pair
  • Nov - Started full day work again
  • Dec - Moved to Somerset West
  •          1kg Away from goal weight

        Looking forward to 2011....
  • Reach my goal weight and be physically fit
  • Take up jogging
  • Stop (really try) taking (most of) life so seriously
  • Start putting savings into a new account each month
  • Support one animal organization each month
  • Make more of an effort to stay in touch / see friends
  • Go on holiday for longer than a weekend
  • Learn basic Italian
  • Do a short course
  • Be more patient
  • Start and finish writing a book (very ambitious, but then again so was starting a business)
  • Set up home office & outside braai area
  • Start painting my toenails blue again :P

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