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Sunday, December 19, 2010

One year older, one year wiser?

28. Twenty Eight. Two years to 30. Wow, I feel slightly old today, but at the same time excited about where I am in my life right now, and what's to come.

What a year this has been! Of the three big New Years Resolutions I set out to complete this year, I managed two...not bad.

In short, the first one was deciding by mid year if my small business would take off, or if I would need to go back to full day work again. This was a very hard decision to make. By nature I am somewhat of a risk taker - some may say slightly impulsive - but a dreamer and a thinker of the heart. This time, I had to think with my head. With a heavy heart by August, I knew it was time to close the doors to the little company that I'd started in 2009, and take the next step forward. Funny enough, I ended up applying for a job at my old company, Snowball Effect. Never in a million years did I dream that would happen, but I decided to give it a try - everything for a reason, right? Almost 2 months later, and I'm happy and enjoying what I'm doing. I can't even begin to tell you that it's not the same company I left 3 years ago...everything from the building, the management style, the atmosphere, staff morale and the structure of the company has changed  - for the better, and I'm really glad that I made the decision to come back.

Because Geoff and I were now both working in Stellenbosch, it didn't make sense to drive almost 2 hours every day to get to work and home again, so we moved to Somerset West. 15min to work in little traffic....what a pleasure :) We're finally finished unpacking and it really is a cute little house with a view of the mountains in a quiet area, and walking distance to the shops (yay!).

The second big resolution I made was to lose weight. I only made this one up in April, after my sister-in-law "lovingly" (not so much, but a wake up call all the same) tagged a photo of me calling me "vettie". I realised then that I'd really put on a lot of weight, shrugged it off as 'age' and wasn't doing anything about it. Since then, I've started gyming again and eating healthier and lost almost 9kg...and feel great!

The last resolution I'm carrying over to 2011, because with the first two done I'm positive that this time next year I'll be able to check it off as well :)

10 years ago I was going to Matric and had no clue what I'd be doing. Can't say that I saw myself here working at an ISP company, or living in Somerset West, or having opened and closed my own small business...but life is never what you expect it to be, is it? This year has taught me not to take anything for granted - not my health, the car that gets me to where I need to go, the family and people in my life that really matter, or the privilege I have of living in a beautiful place. Looking back, this has been a very eventful year and I'm really looking forward to seeing what 2011 has to offer.


  1. Hello there,
    I would like to contact you and let you know that I've linked to your blog post on my brand new site but there's no contact me button here anywhere.
    Here's the link:
    It's a VERY new site that is still growing. But if you like the idea and concept I hope you will contribute in future.

    I'm glad you're enjoying Somerset West. I'm here for 8 years and wouldn't want to be anywhere else!!!

    All the best

  2. Hi Bettina,

    Thank you so much for the link! Your website is stunning and very informative, especially to people like us in a new town. :) Looking forward to contributing again to your website!