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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On the fence

I can't remember the last time I typed a blog...I know I've been very quiet lately but I've had good reason! It's been a long two weeks, one of which I worked 12 hours straight every day - and then some when I got home, and what do I have to show for it? A lovely case of the flu  :/ I've moaned enough about being sick to everyone else, so I guess I'll give it a rest. (If I have to see anymore Med Lemon or Corenza C, I think I'm going to run away.)

So, I guess you're wondering what these 12 hour work days entailed? It started bright and early with a shift at the Liberty Health canteen from 7am - 9am (only temporary to help out while they found someone permanent. It was a good experience though and I learnt a lot about food, and got to take home quite a few treats much to Geoff's delight :). Then, straight from there I went to look after and entertain a 2 year old boy for 4-5 hours (anyone thinking of having kids, do this - your eyes will be opened, trust me! Not your average little boy as he is extremely clever and not at all satisfied with the answer "because"..*sigh*. Grew to look forward to our daily play dates, but I was very glad I could give him back!). After that I went to fetch Ashley (who is 10) from school and help her with homework and drive her to all her extra murals that include: hockey, extra maths, swimming, horse riding and guitar. Twice a week I also take her brother (15 years old) to extra maths and accounting. So, that's 2 children and 1 teenager => pretty exhausting! I honestly take my hat off to mothers everywhere....this was a huge eye opener for me of what's to come, and anyone who thinks that babysitting/being a mom/Au pairing is easy - I have news for you, it's physically draining...but I imagine extremely rewarding which balances it all out :)

I've got a lot to think about over the next couple of weeks, where I see Chisani Creations going and what I want to do. I know the world is supposed to be like an oyster, but I can't help feeling like I'm running out of time. I can't ignore the fact that in 2 years I'll be 30, and I'd hoped to be settled in a fulfilling career by then and be in a position to start a family. Lots of decisions to make, fences to jump over and chances to take. It's going to be an interesting next couple of weeks!

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